The furnished and decorates Christmas Tree comes from Rija, Latvia. An artificial tree is decorated by Guild, man of the local merchant, danced around that tree in the marketplace and then set fire to that tree. For many years rose was used as a symbol of Virgin Mary. Here you can get BEST FREE CHRISTMAS TREE IMAGES from this post.


Christmas tree with apples was commonly decorated by the 17th century in Germany. In the early Christen calendar December 24 was known as the Adam & Eve’s Day. In some parts of Germany and Austria evergreen tips were bought into the home and dangle top down from the ceiling. Mostly these tree were decorated with apples, red paper strips and glided nuts.

Christmas Trees with edible ornaments became so popular and they were often called “Sugar trees.” In the 18th century the first account of using lighted candles as furnished on Christmas Trees come from France. German settlers was introduced the Christmas Trees in the United States. It grew rapidly from tabletop size to floor-to-ceiling.

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The first Christmas Tree in White house was brought by Franklin Pierce in 1853. In 1901 the first Christmas Tree garden was started by W.V.Galliard. He was almost planted 25000 Norway Spruce on his farm in New Jersey.

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